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MVP Baseball 2004 -- Gameplay (PS2)

MVP Baseball 2004 gameplay on PlayStation 2.

Welcome to GamePlayStation, where Gameplay + PlayStation = GamePlayStation! Here at this channel we offer viewers gameplay of various types of PlayStation games! All games are played on the original console and are captured and recorded via Elgato Game Capture.


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[MVP2005] 토론토 2020시즌 플레이! 류현진 선발경기 (Mvp baseball Dynasty mode 2020 w/TOR Hyun-jin RUY) 다운로드 링크까지!!!

추억의 게임이죠! MVP2005에 최신패치를 적용해 플레이해보겠습니다!
아직 부족한 패치부분이 있지만 시즌이 시작되면 곧바로 패치를 적용해 볼게요!
다운로드 링크(Download Link) : 댓글 참조(Plz see My Reply down there)

Is MVP Baseball 2004 Still GOOD in 2021?

Is MVP Baseball 2004 Still GOOD in 2021? As most of us know, the MVP Baseball series is highly regarded and MVP Baseball 2004 is no different. Even all these years later, MVP Baseball 2004 is still a great game to go back and play. I now have officially reviewed all of the MLB-MVP games and only the final college game remains... These videos take a ton of time and effort, so if you could show some love on this video, that would be greatly appreciated. What are your thoughts on MVP Baseball 2004 in 2021? Let me know, down in the comments. Thanks for watching.

Intro 00:00
Gameplay Mechanics 01:03
Game Modes: 03:32
Graphics 05:13
Soundtrack/Announcers 06:06
Conclusion 07:00
Outro 07:39

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